Renegade of Light 8/5/2012 Giles July 14 fraud


Total fraud posting by Greg Giles~

You are hearing this; Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, has been taken into custody, has been tried by our High Courts, and has been convicted and has been sentenced for his crimes against the people of the United States who he was sworn to serve, but instead chose to victimize, steal from and manipulate, and push to the brink of financial destitution. This individual, after careful contemplation of his crimes against you, the people, has been sentenced to a maximum life of 63 years, of which time he is to spend in a mortal physical vessel where he will be reeducated and rehabilitated before he is once again permitted to walk freely amongst the people of a free society.
(channeled by Greg Giles July 14 2012)

Tim G is still free as can be , it’s time to start understanding that no matter how loving and caring and how good the galactic fed. Of light make u feel in their posts they are still a wolf in Sheeps clothing .

Renegade of Light



Renegade of Light 8/2/2012


Many of of you believe you will see disclosure on 8/4/2012. I am here to warn you of a more sinister Plan. This is to make you aware not to scare!! You might be waiting for disclosure and instead this could Happen so please my friends be careful and be alert..
They see the Olympics in London as their gateway to the New World Order. They intend to create mayhem; to create such FEAR that the people will agree to almost anything in order to feel safe. This is a TRAP. It is the same old formula: it worked on 9/11, it worked on 7/7.

This is THE BIG ONE. It is their last chance to create the New World Order that they have planned and worked towards for so long. They will try to use Project Bluebeam, fake spaceships; in fact, everything in their arsenal in this, their final attempt, to take over your world.

They failed to take your awakening into account. This is why they are now putting a more deadly fluoride into your water; the water that many of you drink, bathe, and wash your hair in. It is in the ice in your drinks, in the beer, and almost everything you consume. You need to protect yourselves and your families from this deadly assault on all of you. Have you given permission or agreed to this poison? Were you ever asked to okay it? It is a crime against humanity.