Channeled deception


Most people peddling ‘channeled” material on the internet are peddling deception or one sort or another. The New Age Movement MISDIRECTION is characterized by “feel good”, “you’re going be OK” through the “ascension” process etc. rhetoric which is intended to keep you COMPLACENT, UNWORRIED, APATHETIC, AND INACTIVE. In other words, just “keep on sleeping” until the “ascension” happens and we’re all going to be together in Land of Love, Peace, and Harmony forever and ever. The New Age Movement was founded and funded by the Illuminati. You can read all about it in the books of Dr John Coleman. He explained it all 35 years ago when no one was listening. INTENDED to make you FEEL good. It;’s called political RHETORIC. It’s DEVOID of political substance, but full of SCRIPTED , NEURO-LINGUISTIC programming. It was written by graduates of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. They have made a science of studying human behavior, EMOTIONS, and REACTIONS and how to manipulate people’s minds with their neuro-linguistic tools (and propaganda) to get you nodding in agreement with their script.

In summary, you can find the truth, but don’t look to others to serve it to you on a platter. You must learn to DEPEND on your inner intuition to tell you what’s true or not. You will RESONATE with truth tellers and you will experience doubt, uncertainty, and uneasiness with deceivers.

The Galactic Federation of Light – The Galactic Federation of Light, also known as the Galactic Confederation of is based in the Sirius B star system, with connections to Earth. Clarification & Differentiation. To be very clear, pointed and unequivocal- for the purpose of clarification & differentiation about the above two (2) organizations, I just yesterday asked the Commander of the primary biosphere, where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held, what the Council knows about the Galactic Federation of Light: From this point forward I will quote him, the Commander – verbatim. Please note, he has the full weight of the Andromeda Council behind him. “the Galactic Federation of Light, we know of them. No matter what they say, they have only been around for about 1,000 years. Yes, they are based in Sirius B. They started small and still only have a very limited number of planets involved in their group. They are not a member of the Andromeda Council. We have nothing to do with them.” “And, no, the Galactic Federation of Light is not the Galactic Federation. Absolutely not.” Further, I asked the Commander about any possible collaboration with members of the Galactic Federation of Light, in space, or here on planet Earth, and here is what he said:“no, no. We are not collaborating with the Galactic Federation of Light. Nor are we collaborating with any star system or planet, part of,or affiliated with, the Galactic Federation of Light. No.”
internet can call themselves any name they wish, including the Galactic Federation Of Light.

The specific name of General Jeremiah’s group is The United Galactic Federation of the Galaxy of Hendon, which is more specific than just “the Galactic Federation”I
The materials channelled from evil aliens are the most dangerous of all the channelled materials for many reasons. Firstly, the evil aliens are at war with humans, regardless of the nonsense that has been presented about their compassion and love for humanity. Further, the evil aliens can disguise themselves as angels, ascended masters or even gods. They or their messages might appear harmless or even helpful and spiritual, but that is not the case. They can make their followers feel that they are on the right spiritual path, and make things around them appear to be good, spiritual and uplifting. However, the followers are unaware that they are weakening themselves through the process of connecting to certain channelled material.
Check out this video on YouTube:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Check out this video on YouTube:


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